Fifty Shades of my thoughts…….

**If you haven’t read the 50 Shades Trilogy, this isn’t a spoiler……I swear I gave nothing away…….


So I finally finished the “THE Trilogy”.  I have to say, it was not great, but still good.  There was a plot, well sorta kinda…..but it was mostly about Christian and Ana’s relationship and how they love their kinky fuckery.  He knew what he wanted, she knew what she wanted, but she was all virgin about it.  Please, if you want him to grab the riding crop, then ask for it!

After I would read some parts, I would share certain things with my husband.  I would say, “Have you ever heard of blah blah blah? Or Listen to this……”  And he would look at me and just stare……I would always yell, “WHAT?”  He would just shake his head and tell me that I am wasting my time with a book, I should just watch a movie.  My reply would always be that in a movie, the scene is how the producer or director wanted it to look.  At least in a book, I can picture it the way I want it to look.  AND I don’t have to listen to that boom chicka wow wow music during the sex scenes either.

I have to say, some of the things they did in this book, I have never even heard of.  Like who knew about the full bladder thing?? I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything but the fact I had to pee.  Or the silver balls…….ummmmm yea…..but walking around a family party trying to keep from dropping those things on the floor while talking to my future mother in law, uh yeaaaa NO, not my thing.

Also, the whole Dom/Sub thing……..I couldn’t do it.  Some of the things he did to her I would have been screaming RED, YELLOW, POPSICLE left and right.  It made me wonder throughout the whole book……what was the motive behind the author’s thoughts.  Was she writing this because this was all the stuff she wanted to try, but didn’t have the guts to ask her husband?  Or did she basically write out her and her husband’s entire sex life for the whole world to read?  Either way, this chic has a huge amount of knowledge of some kinky shit.

Would I recommend this trilogy?  Hell yea I would.  You can’t always read about roses and murders and politics……… that I know these kinds of books are out there, I will no longer be taking my kids with me to Barnes and Nobles…….or better yet, I will be using my Nook a lot more and adding a hard to crack password.

Laters, Baby.


Watch your words……

Relatives are a funny thing.  You have the ones you are so close with, and then you have the ones who wouldn’t throw water on you if you were on fire.  I wish I could say I only had the close ones, but unfortunately, I do have one that hates me.

Most of you that know me, know that I am 99% of the time easy going, and non-confrontational.  I hate arguments, I hate yelling and screaming.  If it starts, I will be the first to tell you, that I walk away.  Which in turn makes the other person even more pissed off at me.  Well, wait, if it is a stranger that pisses me off, I go full force at them.  I don’t care if I look like I am a lunatic on crack.  You will not get the best of me, if you don’t know me.  On the other hand, if it is someone I know, like a friend or family, I try not to fight.  I don’t like it when people fight in front of me either, I actually get embarrassed.  I know, I have issues, but like one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs, it’s my life.

So, this person, who I haven’t spoken to in about 5 years, hates me because of the nasty things I said when I was angry and we were arguing.  I said some really bad and hurtful things, but once words are out there, you can’t take them back.  You can move on, but you can’t forget.  This was an argument that should never have escalated to the point it did, but it did…….

I have tried to apologize, I really have.  I am now at the point where I have given up.  I truly believe that even if I was on my death bed, this person wouldn’t give a shit.

This person will never read this, I have been blocked on FB, and basically blocked in life……it’s sad….because I know I said some things that were wrong, but to basically act like I don’t exist is worse than any mean words that can be said.

Just remember, when you are fighting with a someone you love, watch your words.  You can never take them back, they will always be out there, whether you say sorry or not.

You’re so miserable, you have to make others suffer too??

I am taking a Facebook hiatus. Not because I want to, but because some people have nothing better to do than try to make others suffer.

I went to bed last night thinking about it. I don’t want to take a Facebook break. I only check it a couple times a day. Most time that I’m ever on it is when I am sitting in my car waiting for my kids lesson or practice to end and I am bored. Or if something is going on in town or the world, I look for the details. I use it for exactly what it is intended for, fun and information.  Problem is a few, and it’s not the first time as you all may remember, and I can’t figure out who, have decided to exaggerate my FB time to a certain family member of mine.

Thing is, all of you know I only post a status update at most once a day. Others say things to this certain person, “How does anything get done at the house when she is on FB 24/7?” or “FB is the reason there is a cleaning lady at your house, if she wasn’t on it so much……” REALLY???

To those of you who have been to my house at anytime, even unannounced, know my house is spotless. Yes, there may be toys scattered from the baby playing, but that doesn’t mean my house is a hoarder situation. A cleaning lady to clean my bathrooms and mop my floors every other Friday, doesn’t mean she keeps my house spotless. What about those other 13 days during the week? Oh I forgot, shit! I have a laundry fairy and a kitchen fairy and basically an everyday fairy. My bad.

I do not post personal problems as you all know. No one knows when something personal is going on in my life, and I never bitch about family members or friends. When my son was sick in the hospital for 4 days last year and then struggling with the disease for almost 6 months, I never posted anything. Only people who knew would understand if I posted a number or something cryptic. I do not use Facebook as a personal diary. I do not think some things should be posted, but that is my opinion. MY OPINION!!! Do I call anyone of my Facebook friend’s family or friends to throw them under the bus, for no freakin’ reason?? No I don’t. I mind my own friggin’ business.

Apparently whoever is talking smack about me thinks that stay at home moms don’t work, they are lazy, couch potatoes because that is what I am told my Facebook use projects. And my 3 older kids somehow get to and from school, to and from guitar lessons, softball lessons, picked up from softball after school, fundraisers during the weekends, keep busy during spring break and days off from school, all on their own. My 2 year old also takes care of himself all day long. He actually makes my lunch and brings it to me while my fat ass is on the couch. I have trained him well.

Hmmmm, did you know that trying to start a new business is also done on it’s own? Did you know that? That you have to do NO work to get a business up and running. No research, calls, etc. It just happens magically.

I wonder how long it will take for this post to get back to that certain person??? I am going out on a ledge here…….taking the chance, knowing that when it does get back to that certain person I am going to be in a world of shit. But, alas, that is what this nosy ass trouble maker wants, isn’t it?

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